Delivery & Storage


We deliver your grands crus wines at your doorstep.

Although we know that time is of essence, we prefer to favour the quality of the journey of your wines, rather than seeing them suffering of a bumpy road or hot weather.

We carefully select our transporters, and give them instructions to transport your wines in the best conditions.

For example, if the weather conditions are too hot or if we face a cold wave, we will delay the transportation by a few days and keep your wine in our temperature-controlled storage near Bordeaux.

We also prefer to deliver your wines within their original wooden boxes from the chateaux. This will guarantee their provenance and keep their value.

But if you prefer to be delivered in carton boxes, please let us know!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiry at


We offer you bespoke storage services within our dedicated temperature-controlled in-Bond cellars near Bordeaux.